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Our collection of ideas

Idea # 1
In the future, we will make several options for deposits in terms of risk: low-, medium- and high-risk deposits.
    1. Low-risk deposit: the portfolio includes TOP-10 cryptocurrencies but gives small percentages. It is possible to pay in bitcoins.
    2. High-risk deposit: the portfolio includes various altcoins, so the interest on the deposit is very volatile. Payments are made only in TNC tokens.
    3. Medium-risk deposit: it’s the balance between low and high-risk deposits.

We are looking for talents, wealthy patrons and are always open to new ideas. If you have an interesting idea or you are ready to invest an impressive amount of money into a start-up, you can send your cooperation proposals to the strategic planning department at: [email protected]. In the letter, please briefly describe your idea. We reserve the right not to respond to your suggestions if we consider them irrelevant.