Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TradeNetCoin? What are its differences and advantages compared with other lending platforms?

The main TradeNetCoin differences and advantages are described below:

    • TradeNetCoin is not just another lending project. We will diversify risks and will pay dividends to people through competent trading on cyptoexchanges, mining and investments in offline business.
    • In fact, investors give us money in management, as a serious investment fund with good interest.
    • A certain percentage of the profit we are going to invest in a portfolio of blue chips: shares of Apple, Google, SpaceX, Tesla Motors etc. Yes, we love and respect Elon Musk.
    • Against the failure of Bitconnect, the most important thing for us now is to offer people not just profitability, but profitability with security of funds!

2. Who is a team of TradeNetCoin?

The TradeNetCoin team is a group of traders from all over the world who make this project as a tribute to the cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to support and develop the cryptocommunity.

Today is the time of changes, when money is no longer the main thing. The main thing is human relations and mutual assistance. Therefore, having earned ourselves a comfortable existence through trading, we joined our efforts to help enthusiasts of cryptocurrency.

In financial terms, we don't need anything, and the collected money will be used for accumulation and diversification, because we want to help cryptocommunity and enthusiasts around the world. We want to build a friendly family of TradeNetCoin.

3. Why is TradeNetCoin not a fraud or Ponzi scheme?

The Ponzi scheme is based on the pyramid, when it is necessary to attract investments of new and new investors to pay dividends.

We do not seek to attract a large number of new investors to pay dividends to existing ones. We use money of investors for investments in our existing businesses, from which profits we pay dividends. Agree, this does not seem to be the usual scheme of Ponzi.

4. How to buy TradeNetCoin tokens during ICO?

You can join TradeNetCoin by following the steps below:

    • Register through URL
    • Deposit BTC in your BTC wallet
    • Buy coins during ICO
    • Start making profit through our lending programs

5. What type of payments does TradeNetCoin accept?

We currently accept only Bitcoin during ICO. However, later we plan to add other popular cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Zcash and Litecoin. You can buy our tokens for these cryptocurrencies after ICO.

6. Can I exchange my tokens right after ICO?

First, we will open the lending program and only then you can sell your tokens on the internal or external exchanges. We take this step in order to increase our tokens and, accordingly, your investments in the price. Otherwise, speculators will undermine all the good beginnings of our platform.

7. What are reasons that will help me make a profit?

The main income items of the TradeNetCoin platform are trading on the exchange, mining and investments in the offline business.

8. What is a maximum amount to buy tokens?

We do not have limits on the maximum number of tokens to purchase. However, the maximum number of all coins is limited by the terms of the smart contract, which does not allow the release of new tokens.

9. What is a minimum amount to buy tokens?

The minimum number of tokens to buy is 50.

10. Why will I benefit if I buy tokens on ICO?

Entrance to the lending program is only possible by means of TradeNetCoin tokens. Therefore, those participants who buy coins during ICO will get an excellent opportunity to enter the lending program first.

After the end of ICO, the TNC tokens will be accepted for lending at a rate of at least $5. However, please note that this promotion will be available only to ICO participants in the Pre-Lending Program. All the others will be able to buy and invest coins in the lending at the exchange rate.

In the future, coins for lending program will be available on the exchange, but note that the token’s value on the exchange can be several times higher than on ICO, so participate in the ICO and you will have significant advantages.

11. Can I change my email address associated with the account?

In order to protect your information and security, TradeNetCoin team do not change email address originally associated with your account. This policy is implemented to protect your investments and security.

12. Can I withdraw my bitcoins at any time?

A full and quick withdrawal of bitcoins will be available after the end of ICO. During ICO, withdrawal will be carried out only manually, by a request to the support service. Note that in this case, the processing of the application can take several days, so plan the withdrawal in advance if you need it urgently.

13. Do you have reinvest in the lending program?

The TradeNetCoin platform will not be able to make reinvestment into an already open deposit. The minimum amount for opening a new deposit is $100. Thus, in order to make a reinvest, you need to make a profit of not less than $100.

We are constantly updating the list of questions and answers. Please, look periodically this page!